Alexandria Restaurant Coming Back To Business

From more ways to get bagels to new restaurants opening their doors to welcoming back an old favorite, there are certainly signs of life amongst the city’s eateries again. Given below is an update of two restaurants in Alexandria on how they handling Phase 3 of reopening.

Bagel Uprising Launches Delivery

As per Alexandria Gazette Packet, "Del Ray’s local bagel shop, a stalwart of the pandemic era, is expanding its reach – not to sit-down service, but for deliveries instead. The company posted on social media this week “Big news in Bagel Land: We're finally set up for delivery directly from the BU website! When you're in the shopping cart, click "change" where you currently see "pick up," and select "delivery" instead. Please note you can't pre-order for delivery like you can for pick up. The wheels start turning as soon as you order; we've been finding that it usually takes about an hour for delivery orders to arrive.”

Hank & Mitzi’s to Welcome Guests Again

According to the Alexandria Gazette Packet, "The former location of Hank’s Pasta Bar is almost ready to see new life, the owners of Hank & Mitzi’s (as well as Hank’s Oyster bar and the former pasta bar) have announced. Per their social media feeds, the restaurant aims to reopen by the end of July, with construction coming to an end. The Italian-infused pizza and pasta spot will release its new menu soon, as well. “Stay tuned for more details…” the restaurant staff said."

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