Things To Know About Alexandria Black History Museum

The Alexandria Black History Museum was originally built in 1940 as the Robinson Library, the first public library for the African American community in Alexandria. It was built after five young black men planned a peaceful sit-in at the Alexandria Library. The building is now operated by the City of Alexandria as a museum that examines African-American history, art, and traditions. It highlights the African-American experience in early Alexandria with exhibitions, speakers, and interactive programs. The Watson Reading Room, which is just next to the museum offers research materials focussing on issues of African-American history and culture. The museum also operates the Alexandria African-American Heritage Park, a nine-acre park located at 500 Holland Lane, which contains nineteenth-century African-American cemetery. The Alexandria Black History Museum is located at the corner of Wythe and Alfred Sts. It is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. The entrance fee is collected in front of the building in the form of a $3 donation per person. There's also a gift shop with books, postcards, and the likes.

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